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Its rather strange, I’ve been thinking heavily about getting back into writing again and yesterday at work, I encountered my 4th grade english teacher I hadnt seen since departing elementary school. She was the first person that ever encouraged me to pursue writing. Possibly the universe is attempting to tell me something? Maybe? Hopefully? I’ve been really inspired by Woody Allen as of late. Such an impeccable mind who could truly convey so much of the human condition, within hour and a half long films. It would be an absolute dream to reach that point one day. It would also be ideal if I could incoroporate my capacity to articulate ideas, into the music im writing. That would be lovely. I may just have to force myself to begin writing at least once a day, flexing the metaphorical writing muscle if you will. I just always feel so strange writing, im never sure what to speak about, although my mind is consistently in overdrive. Im just a very strange individual with a whole lot to say, longing for a creative outlet to express it all. 


Scott C is back in Los Angeles with the Revenge of the Great Showdowns ! Check my selection of his amazingly cool new artworks here.